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Schneider Electric modular data center service, claims up to 40% reduction in planned downtime

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Schneider Electric modular data center service, claims up to 40% reduction in planned downtime

Schneider Electric has launched EcoCare for modular data centers. This service membership provides specialized expertise to maximize modular data centers’ uptime and optimize maintenance to extend the life of their assets, the company says.

A modular data center is a fully designed and prefabricated data center that can help organizations save on implementation time and costs. While a large number of modules can be used to construct a hyperscale-sized data center, containerized data centers are also useful for edge computing deployments.

“While companies are quickly selecting modular data center solutions, many don’t yet have the staff or the expertise in place to support its infrastructure,” says Pankaj Sharma, EVP for secure power division at Schneider Electric. “EcoCare fills that need by providing customers with a simplified management approach that maintains uptime throughout the lifecycle.”

Schneider Electric says EcoCare helps keep modular data centers optimally running throughout their lifecycle by ensuring operations are safe, efficient, resilient and sustainable. By utilizing remote monitoring to optimize on-site maintenance activities, Schneider Electric says customers can enhance the lifespan of their assets by up to 25% and minimize carbon emissions.

Further, according to Schneider Electric, members of the service plan get support, including a customer success management team and remote/on-site services that provide maintenance and infrastructure solutions at a system level.

The company also says its condition-based maintenance approach can reduce planned downtime by up to 40%. It monitors the condition of equipment to determine which maintenance tasks need completion.

“Modular data centers are the future of data storage because of their flexibility and scalability. To reach their full potential, modular data centers need expert support to guide lifecycle strategies and optimize maintenance plans,” says Frederic Godemel, EVP of power systems & services at Schneider Electric.

Other EcoCare services offer a simplified digital experience through the mySchneider portal, optimized maintenance activities, and specialized training to extend the life of assets and reduce carbon emissions. They also provide real-time monitoring and alerting for mission-critical issues with quicker response times, allowing customers to improve efficiency, Schneider Electric says.

EcoCare was introduced in North America last October to provide maintenance services for electrical distribution equipment, specifically for low and medium-voltage assets like circuit breakers and switchgear. The service has since expanded to include single-phase UPS and as of April 1st, it now covers modular data centers.

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