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ProteanTecs lands $45M for analytics of chips in edge systems, datacenters

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Israel-based AI startup ProteanTecs has closed a $45 million financing round to develop an application engineering team to bring its chip telemetry technology to a global market. The investment round was led by the Koch Disruptive Technologies along with the participation of MediaTek, Advantest, and Porsche SE. Just five years after its founding, the company has a total of nearly $200 million as companies look to optimize the performance and reliability of complex chips and maximize the investment in the expensive design and manufacturing cycle.

ProteanTecs’ Universal Chip Telemetry provides optimization and predictive monitoring of chips from design through their operation in the field. In edge environments such as automobiles, which are becoming datacenters on wheels, reliability and security need to remain stable over time through harsh conditions.

“ProteanTecs’ software provides unique visibility into the reliability and security of electronics systems, which will remove roadblocks for customers as they continue to scale their businesses with more advanced chips,” said Lee Fixel of Addition.

The technology combines on-die measurements with the machine learning models and advanced analytics for improving quality, safety and performance at scale. The ProteanTecs’ analytics platform ensures end-to-end chip and system visibility to enhance reliability and cost based on the embedded agents. The UCT levels are determined by the coverage and variety of agents integrated in the system.

There are different agent types: classification and profiling, performance and degradation monitoring, and operational sensing. In classification and profiling, the characteristics of family of chips are maintained across voltage and temperature conditions while chips undergo transformation. The performance and degradation monitoring agents detects potential failures from aging, reliability issues, latent defects that develop overtime, environment, and workload effects. “Operational level fusion with performance monitoring and family association provides unprecedented coverage and early pinpointed indication of hazards,” the company explains.

The company intends to use the funding to accelerate its geographical footprint by expanding the global team and continuing innovation and enhancing the product portfolio. Using a new supply chain security approach, UCT generates and collects a large set of parametric measurements from the chip. This data is then uploaded to a machine learning powered cloud-based analytics platform to create a comprehensive and secure method to track ICs throughout the supply chain.

“As technologies advance and usage requirements grow, monitoring and analysis are imperative to achieve scale and predictability,” said Shai Cohen, CEO, and co-founder of ProteanTecs. “Helping companies transform production and service by providing critical business insights is built into our DNA. We look forward to working with our new partners as we enter a new and exciting phase of the company’s growth.”

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