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Percepio upgrades its software observability platform for edge devices at scale

Percepio upgrades its software observability platform for edge devices at scale

Percepio, a data obervability platform for embedded software, has upgraded its cloud-based observability platform, DevAlert. The improvements equip DevAlert to diagnose and monitor data from embedded systems and edge devices. The platform will support embedded software without direct cloud connectivity, using a local host computer to transmit test data.

DevAlert 2.0 introduces core dumps, optimized for Arm Cortex-M devices, which are widely used in embedded systems. Core dumps are files that record memory of a running program at the time of a critical erorr. This feature in Percepio DevAlert 2.0 allows developers to analyze a program’s state during failure, providing insights for debugging.

Furthermore, these core dumps facilitate remote error analysis, essential for remote location embedded systems in remote, far-edge locations. Such capability is increasingly important as edge devices face growing cybersecurity threats.

“Software observability is increasingly critical for digital trust due to rising cyber threats and ever-increasing software complexity causing elusive bugs and vulnerabilities. Not only in the cloud, but even more so in edge devices that are exposed to unpredictable environments and physical attacks  since they have many attack surfaces,” says Dr. Johan Kraft, chief technology officer and founder of Percepio.

DevAlert 2.0 maintains its compatibility with Tracealyzer, a tool for visualizing and analyzing the runtime behavior of embedded software. This integration provides detailed insights into the performance of the system. The addition of the Tracealyzer Software Development Kit enhances the entire system by allowing developers to customize tracing functionality to their specific requirements.

Percepio focuses on ensuring privacy by allowing customers to use their own storage solutions. This approach means that the customers are not required to upload sensitive information of IP, such as firmware images, into the cloud service.

Percepio demonstrates a practical application of DevAlert 2.0 by integrating the software into Sensorbee AB, a company specializing in IoT-based outdoor air quality monitoring. David Löwenbrand, the chief executive officer at Sensorbee AB, highlights the importance of DevAlert in ensuring high quality functionalities.

PX5 recently formed a collaboration with Percepio to integrate PX5 RTOS with Percepio Tracealyzer. This partnership will equip embedded developers with improved capabilities to understand and analyze the behavior of the software system.

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