Cribl Edge supports Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Services for data routing and observability optimization

Cribl Edge supports Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Services for data routing and observability optimization

Cribl, a startup with a data observability product suite, has announced that its Cribl Edge, a scalable, edge-based data collection system will now be integrated with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Services as an add-on in the Amazon Web Services marketplace. This integration aims to streamline the deployment and management of data collection infrastructure within the Kubernetes ecosystem.

Cribl highlights the complexities involved in data routing in Kubernetes systems, particularly routing observability data to multiple locations, which typically requires several agents. These agents are usually deployed as separate sidecar containers, which run alongside the main container in a pod. Monitoring ephemeral containers that run for a short duration adds to the complexity. Cribl addresses this issue by introducing its Cribl Edge, which is designed to efficiently collect data and routing process in Amazon EKS environments.

Bob Chen, the senior director of Infrastructure Engineering at iHerb says that using Cribl Edge with Kubernetes improves visibility into application logs and system metrics. This enhancement can be important for performance monitoring, troubleshooting, and avoiding system outages. “Kubernetes is an integral part of our infrastructure, but it is difficult to monitor, especially at scale,” Chen adds.

Another benefit of using Cribl Edge is its compatibility with various distributed architectures. This feature provides the flexibility to send observability data across multiple locations, rather than limiting it to a single destination. Such flexibility is crucial in infrastructures where data must be analyzed with different tools in diverse systems.

Moreover, integration of Cribl Edge into Amazon EKS brings additional benefits, including advanced built-in fleet management capabilities. These capabilities are particularly beneficial in  large-scale deployments, as they enable users to manage thousands of edge nodes, which is critical for maintaining the performance of both individual node and the entire system.

”Cribl is committed to providing customers with greater choice and control over their data, and this integration with Amazon EKS ensures customers have access to the right tools to manage data collection at scale,” says Ledion Bitincka, co-founder and chief technology officer at Cribl.

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