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Emerson integrates Zededa’s edge tech into its DeltaV automation system

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Emerson integrates Zededa’s edge tech into its DeltaV automation system

Zededa, an edge orchestration service provider, has announced Emerson Ventures, the VC arm of technology company Emerson, has made a strategic investment in its company. The existing relationship between Zededa and Emerson has now been extended beyond customer status.

According to Thurston Cromwell, VP of development and innovation and head of Emerson Ventures, “Zededa’s cloud-native solution is an excellent example of what Emerson looks for in a strategic partner.”

The move is part of Emerson’s effort to modernize edge computing and digital transformation in industrial environments. A McKinsey report discovered that leveraging data and analytics, AI, and Machine Learning (ML) can yield remarkable returns for a factory. These include the potential of reducing machine downtime by 30-50%, increasing throughput by 10-30%, boosting labor productivity by up to 15-30% and providing 85% more accurate forecasting.

Nathan Pettus, the president of Emerson’s process systems and software business, has stressed the importance of bridging IT and OT innovation. “Industrial environments are constricted by siloes and segmentation,” said Pettus. “By leveraging edge technologies built on current infrastructure and deploying software as orchestrated workloads, our work with Zededa enables us to bring IT and OT innovation together and create a new paradigm for the industrial edge.”

Emerson has integrated Zededa’s edge orchestration and management into its DeltaV automation system, extending it to the distributed edge. This expansion enables customers to revolutionize how they deploy and connect workloads within distributed environments, provide software-defined automation and enhance OT solutions.

Building on its presence in various industries such as manufacturing, automotive, energy, and retail, Zededa has seen a significant increase in its customer base. Since 2021, the company has grown fourfold its number of nodes managed and recently received an influx of $26 million in Series B funding — a move that will help the company expand.

Said Ouissal, CEO and founder of Zededa, commented on the collaboration: “Emerson recognizes the role that edge will play in creating a world in which virtual and physical manufacturing systems cooperate with each other in a flexible way at a global level.”

This past year, Zededa established several new alliances. This month, for example, Zededa made headlines when the real estate software company Switch Automation selected it to handle its operating system management and deployment issues. By partnering, Zededa and Switch Automation can provide a comprehensive edge solution that offers continual service updates and reduces downtime.

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