OSS awarded a multi-million dollar program to supply hardware to top 5G cellular provider

OSS awarded a multi-million dollar program to supply hardware to top 5G cellular provider

One Stop Systems (OSS), a high-performance edge computing system provider, was awarded a long-term and lucrative program from one of America’s top Fortune 50 cellular service providers. This program involves providing OSS hardware for mobile 5G artificial intelligence applications.

The company will deploy OSS SDS rugged servers with 5G antennas in service vehicles across over 100 cities. These devices can collect data instantaneously and transport it back to a hub where the information is uploaded into the cloud and fused with other datasets.

OSS says it will use its unique AI transportable edge technology in the planned deployment. This technology includes an SDS-3U server mounted in a vehicle rack and powered by AMD EPYC processors and NVMe drives. According to the company, this technology is ideal for high-speed data acquisition and recording.

“This leading 5G cellular provider chose OSS because of our technology leadership and long history of delivering rugged compute and storage solutions for transportable applications, particularly those involving high-speed data recording,” stated David Raun, the CEO of OSS.

The system has a server class, dual socket AMD EPYC platform that is resistant to harsh environments and cooled by air inside the vehicle.

According to OSS, each SDS-3U system can store up to 256 terabytes of raw 5G RF data onto high speed NVMe SSDs. Two easily removable, encrypted drive packs will store the data.

To upload the data to the cloud, users can remove the drive packs and transport them to ground stations with high-bandwidth Internet connections.

OSS SDS-3U servers allow users to encrypt their data while in transit using OSS Ion Accelerator 6.x, or at rest using NVMe self-encrypting drives. These ruggedized servers can deploy in mobile field applications. The company says they enable quick decision-making and do not require a remote centralized data center.

“Our rugged SDS server demonstrates how we continue to push the boundaries of high-performance edge computing, where speed, security and reliability are the most critical factors for AI transportable applications,” added Raun.

OSS anticipates the launch of the innovative mobile 5G AI system before 2022 concludes, with continuous distributions through 2026.

Recently, OSS and TMGcore teamed up to develop a new two-phase liquid immersion-cooled edition of the OSS Rigel Edge Supercomputer. They built this supercomputer with AI Transportable applications in mind. As a result, the companies say it is highly efficient and reliable even in challenging conditions.

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