Deploying AI Models at the Edge

Nearby Computing, Streamwide team up to on edge automation platform offering

Nearby Computing, Streamwide team up to on edge automation platform offering

Edge computing orchestration and automation platform Nearby Computing and Streamwide, a communications software technology provider have entered into a strategic partnership aimed at automating and orchestrating Streamide’s all-in-one lifecycle applications through the NearbyOne platform.

The integration of Streamwide’s mission-critical communications solution, TOM, with NearbyOne offers several benefits, according to both companies. Firstly, it reduces entry barriers, operational complexities, and deployment costs. This streamlined process enables applications to be deployed quickly and cost-effectively.

Speaking on the collaboration, Pascal Beglin, CEO of Streamwide, says: “Together, we bring to market a solution that delivers substantial cost savings. By harnessing the power of NearbyOne, we can deploy our mission-critical communications solutions with unprecedented speed and efficiency.”

Additionally, both companies note there are two main advantages to deploying Streamwide applications with NearbyOne. Firstly, utilizing a single instance of NearbyOne infrastructure aims to enable efficient operation over multiple streams, leading to cost optimization. Secondly, the deployment process has been significantly enhanced, reducing installation time.

“By integrating Streamwide’s mission-critical communications expertise with NearbyOne’s cutting-edge automation platform, we empower organizations to deploy applications faster and at a fraction of the cost, unlocking a new era of efficiency and innovation,” adds Josep Martí, CEO of Nearby Computing.

Both companies will showcase a demo of this deployment at MWC24.

The increasing interest and adoption of edge computing across various industries highlight the importance of this partnership. Infrastructure and operations leaders are encouraged to work closely with their lines of business to embrace edge computing and explore solutions that expedite deployments while ensuring scalability.

Gartner’s 2023 report predicts significant growth in the adoption of edge management and orchestration (EMO) solutions by large enterprises by 2027. This underscores the importance of staying ahead of the curve and leveraging technologies like NearbyOne to optimize operations and drive business growth.

Nearby Computing and Streamwide say they are jointly committed to ushering in a new era of efficiency and cost-effectiveness in edge computing orchestration and automation, in a bid to empower organizations to harness the full potential of the technology.

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