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NearbyComputing, Druid Software unite to offer automated 5G MEC solutions

NearbyComputing, Druid Software unite to offer automated 5G MEC solutions

NearbyComputing and Druid Software have partnered to deliver an automated 5G MEC solution for industries, with the NearbyOne Orchestrator providing edge computing management and automation and the Druid Raemis providing cellular core network software. The companies say this collaboration will allow enterprises to access robust private 5G solutions that can be deployed quickly.

“It clearly appeared along the many projects we share that NearbyComputing and Druid Software are fully complementary to each other, as Druid brings a highly efficient connectivity solution that is enhanced by the management and orchestration that is native to NearbyComputing,” says Josep Martí, the CEO of NearbyComputing. “As such, the combined solution provides flexibility, scalability and ease-of-use to any use case, whether it is satellite, V2X or MPN.”

Both companies have teamed up to develop a solution that enables wide adoption of mobile private 5G networks. They claim that private 5G networks can deploy in various environments. The network solution is also fully scalable, meaning customers can start with a small network and gradually expand it.

Moreover, the company provides rapid Day-0 deployment and automated lifecycle management to minimize operational time and expenses.

NearbyComputing says NearbyOne provides a platform for companies to access Industry 4.0 and IoT applications, bridging the gap between connectivity-only and full-edge computing ecosystems.

Both NearbyComputing and Druid say the joint platform provides versatility and ease of use for various applications like private communications, video analytics, drones and mission-critical push to talk. The solution also has an observability stack to help telco operators, system integrators and network teams manage critical operations.

Private network spending is expected to reach $7.7 billion in 2027, leading to the need for robust and easy-to-use private cloud-native solutions that can orchestrate complex infrastructures, functions and applications from a single interface. STL Partners also estimates that the edge computing market will be worth $445 billion by 2030.

NearbyComputing provides telcos and enterprise customers with MEC and 5G automation through its orchestration platform NearbyOne. The end-to-end solution covers deployment from initial provisioning to application onboarding to lifecycle management. Founded in 2018, NearbyComputing operates globally from its headquarters in Barcelona, Spain.

Druid Software is an Irish-based software company specializing in cellular network technology, with its RAEMIS platform providing 3GPP compliant 4G/5G core networks tailored to business and mission-critical applications.

Last November, Druid Software and OneLayer partnered to provide enterprise-grade security for private 5G networks. The combined solution utilizes a Zero Trust approach, cell and IoT device fingerprinting, policy enforcement and anomaly detection to secure private cellular networks. This collaboration reduces security concerns for Druid’s clients, the companies say.

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