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Nearby Computing, Alea partner on mission-critical communications with NearbyOne integration

Nearby Computing, Alea partner on mission-critical communications with NearbyOne integration

Nearby Computing, a platform for edge computing orchestration and automation, and Alea, a communications platform for public safety, have announced a strategic collaboration, with the aim of streamlining and automating Alea’s lifecycle applications through NearbyOne.

The integration of Alea’s MCXPTT app with NearbyOne aims to simplify deployment, in a bid to reduce entry barriers, operational complexities, and associated costs. According to both companies, the collaboration enables quicker deployment of applications compared to previous methods.

MCXPTT (Mission Critical Communications Push-to-Talk) is a solution compliant with 3GPP mission critical services specifications. It supports voice, video, and data communications for both mission critical and business critical communication needs.

The benefits of this collaboration include utilizing a single instance of NearbyOne infrastructure which aims to allow a more efficient operation across multiple streams Secondly, the companies claim the deployment process has been improved, which in turn, reduces installation time from around 15 days to one day.

Nearby Computing says that the growing interest and adoption of edge computing across various industries, alongside the advancement of enabling technologies, highlight the need for this partnership.

According to Gartner’s prediction for 2027, 20 percent of large enterprises will have deployed an edge management and orchestration (EMO) solution, a significant increase from the less than 1 percent adoption rate in 2023.

Technical innovation has lowered the cost to develop and deploy edge systems to collect and analyze data from IT and non-IT assets, and the vast majority of customers are approaching edge solutions from an edge-in perspective, rather than cloud-out, according to the report.

Nearby Computing and Alea share a commitment to improving efficiency and cost-effectiveness in mission-critical communications.

Similarly, Nearby Computing and Streamwide, a provider of communications software technology, recently forged a strategic alliance with the goal of automating and orchestrating Streamwide’s lifecycle applications via the NearbyOne platform.

The incorporation of Streamwide’s vital communications solution, TOM, into NearbyOne presents numerous advantages, as outlined by both entities.

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