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Namla unveils new AI over 5G solution for private and tactical networks

Namla unveils new AI over 5G solution for private and tactical networks

Namla, a technology provider specializing in edge computing and edge AI solutions, has announced the release of its latest product, the Panda Box. According to the company, the solution is set to evolve the private and tactical networks industry as the world’s first AI over 5G box, promising to redefine connectivity and AI innovation.

Some of the features of the Panda Box include 5G tactical network, AI capabilities, Zero Touch deployment, full stack monitoring and observability. 

Powered by AI hardware from Namla’s partners Nvidia and Advantech, the Panda Box provides 5G tactical network capabilities. Through the Namla platform, various 5G Core and RAN software can be deployed within the Panda Box, allowing for continuous improvement without being tied to a single vendor, the company notes.

It also offers data processing capabilities, and through Namla’s platform apps store, users have access to over 100 AI apps from the company’s partners, covering various functions such as AR/VR, video analytics, and mission-critical communication. 

Namla’s COO, Imed Allal, expresses excitement about the Panda Box, highlighting its transformative impact on private and tactical networking. 

“Namla is excited to unveil the Panda Box, the world’s first AI over 5G solution, With its unrivaled combination of AI capabilities and 5G connectivity, Panda Box represents a transformative advancement in private and tactical networking, enabling organizations to harness the power of AI at the deployment site via reliable 5G connectivity,” he adds.

The Panda Box features Zero Touch Deployment (ZTD) functionality, with the aim of enabling companies to deploy 5G tactical network and AI capabilities without requiring on-site technicians for manual configuration. The company says the feature automates provisioning and configuration based on predefined settings and policies, in a bid to reduce deployment time and minimizing errors.

The tool also offers unified visibility of hardware devices, networking components, and applications, with the aim of simplifying the monitoring and management process.

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