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Start-up Namla raises €1.2 million in funding for cloud-edge computing solutions

Start-up Namla raises €1.2 million in funding for cloud-edge computing solutions

Namla, a Paris-based startup focused on developing cloud-edge computing solutions for businesses, has come out of stealth mode and secured €1.2 million in funding from Elaia Partners. Acequia Capital, and Aonia Ventures, according to EU-Startups. Angel investors Sébastien Pahl (co-founder of Docker), Julien Lemoine (co-founder & CTO at Algolia), and Thomas Wolf (co-founder and CSO at Hugging Face) also participated in the funding round.

The company was co-founded in 2021 by Rabah Guedrez, Imed Allal, and Younes Khadraoui. All of them have extensive experience and expertise in the fields of SD-WAN, IoT and machine learning. The three co-founders recognized that edge computing was a critical link between these technologies, and they believed it held the potential to shape the next major IT revolution.

Rabah Guedrez, Namla’s CEO and co-founder, explained to EU-Startups that the company aims to do more than simply “stacking computation, security, and networking hardware” at the edge. Rather, they are developing a single platform that integrates application, security observability, and networking orchestration in order to make edge computing as easy and reliable as the cloud.

Making data more efficient and accessible is more important than ever. This means bringing it to the edge, a trend reflected by recent Gartner estimates, which suggest that up to 75% of all data traffic generated in 2022 will need to be analyzed at the edge.

Namla says it is at the forefront of a new SD-WAN approach that makes deploying edge computing solutions for businesses in different industries easier. This includes Industry 4.0, smart cities, healthcare, and automotive sectors. As 5G deployment accelerates, telecommunication operators are transitioning from early-stage deployments to widespread, global rollouts.

This funding allows Namla to put its platform development into overdrive, hire key personnel, and promote its solutions across Europe and abroad. Sofia Dahoune, a partner at Elaia Ventures, expressed her excitement about supporting the company on its journey, saying, “The team combines excellent technical skills and a very good understanding of the ecosystem and market, and we are very excited to be working with them.”

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