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Namla partners with NVIDIA to enhance edge AI scalability across multiple sectors

Namla partners with NVIDIA to enhance edge AI scalability across multiple sectors

In a bid to improve the scalability of edge AI operations across multiple sectors, Namla, a technology provider specializing in edge computing and edge AI solutions, has announced a collaboration with NVIDIA.

Namla plans to integrate NVIDIA’s technology to help businesses in retail, manufacturing, healthcare, oil and gas, and video analytics scale their edge AI deployments. According to the company, the partnership with NVIDIA will leverage NVIDIA Jetson systems-on-module and NVIDIA Metropolis microservices to streamline the implementation of edge AI applications.

The collaboration is designed to facilitate seamless scaling of edge AI projects to thousands of locations, ensuring connectivity, security, and effective application orchestration. The aim is for businesses and public agencies to benefit from a comprehensive edge AI solution that supports the entire lifecycle of edge AI applications—from concept to full-scale production—using Namla’s platform.

Additionally, the partnership is set to accelerate the time to market for new applications and services. The integrated solution offers monitoring and management tools, providing organizations with visibility over their edge AI ecosystem for proactive maintenance and optimization.

The integration aims to simplify the process of configuring, managing, and updating a vast network of edge AI devices. This ease of scalability is crucial for companies looking to adapt to changing market demands and technological advancements. The collaboration will help maintain high performance, security, and reliability across a growing number of deployed devices.

Elsewhere, Namla recently unveiled its newest product, the Panda Box. The solution is poised to evolve the private and tactical networks industry. Touted as the world’s first AI-over-5G box, it promises to transform connectivity and AI innovation.

Founded in 2021, Namla offers a Software platform which allows B2B (Business To Business) and MSPs (Managed Service Providers) customers to have a turnkey hybrid-cloud native edge solution.

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