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Namla, Axiomtek collaborate to provide a solution for scaling edge infrastructure

Namla, Axiomtek collaborate to provide a solution for scaling edge infrastructure

Namla, a company specializing in cloud edge infrastructure management and orchestration, has partnered with Axiomtek, a provider of embedded edge devices, with the aim of streamlining the development and management of edge devices.

The collaboration integrates Namla’s software and orchestration solution with Axiomtek’s edge hardware devices, to provide a comprehensive solution for businesses that want to scale their edge infrastructure.

According to Namla, its orchestration software solution is compatible with both Nvidia Jetson and x86 devices, giving flexibility to choose the hardware that suits the specific application requirements. The collaboration allows users to customize their edge artificial intelligence solutions for optimized performance and energy efficiency, according to both companies.

The combined solution claims to offer enhanced scalability, attributed to Namla’s zero touch deployment that streamlines the expansion of edge infrastructure. The feature automates the setup and configuration of new edge devices, making it efficient for companies to scale their operations without any increase in complexity.

Axiomtek has been developing embedded hardware suitable for various sectors, such as healthcare, industry 4.0, and video surveillance. The partnership aims to also enable customers across industries to achieve a tailored solution for their application, and meet specific requirements of the industry. Along with this, Axiomtek Nvidia Jetson series, in particular, delivers AI processing at the edge, supporting complex real-time tasks.

The companies highlight that their integration solution brings cloud-level performance at the edge. This is achieved by integrating Namla’s cloud-native SD-WAN with Axiomtek hardware that not only offers cloud-level performance but also reliability at the edge.

Elsewhere, Namla has recently partnered with AI EdgeLabs, a provider of edge-native security solutions, to transform the edge computing security landscape. According to Namla, the co-developed security solution will enable businesses to leverage all the benefits of edge computing while maintaining protection for their distributed edge environments.

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