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Edge software provider Luos opens a community for embedded developers

Edge software provider Luos opens a community for embedded developers

Bordeaux-headquartered Luos, a provider of edge and embedded distributed systems software, has started a Discord community for edge embedded developers to share and exchange ideas. The community is also aimed to solve queries and discuss potential future applications built on Luos open-source software. According to the company announcement, the discord community has already attracted nearly 2,000 developers around the globe.

Luos noted that the open Discord community has seen developers helping each other to debug configuration issues and provide insights and opinions on the ideal hardware for specific projects. The community members have also been sharing resources and documentation for building applications related to automation and artificial intelligence.

“We know how frustrating it can be to be faced with a problem in this domain and not have access to others to help,” said Nicolas Rabault, co-founder and CEO of Luos. “It is always interesting to hear the opinions of others, especially those who have been in a similar situation.

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Luos is an open source, real-time distributed microservice orchestration software that allows developers and mass production embedded systems to leverage multiple functionalities of several microcontrollers to act as one. This open source project is compatible with most of the microcontrollers available in the market, starting from 8-bit, including those from Espressif, STMicroelectronics, Microchip, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino.

As an orchestration platform dedicated for embedded systems, Luos uses modularity to simplify and link any component or application code together as a single system image. For complex embedded systems with multiple microcontrollers, the Luos tool enables an application to use any feature of any microcontroller as if they were placed on the same embedded component.

Luos is designed for scalable edge applications and distributed embedded systems, which enables it to be deployed on edge systems at a low cost. The features of the deployed edge application can be updated and modified remotely from the host device. The tool also gives remote control access to the topology and routing table using cloud applications.

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“We are big believers in re-use to make projects more agile, along with modularity to save time and improve productivity,” Rabault added.

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