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Luos, Freedom Robotics collaborate to provide remote access to edge devices

Luos, Freedom Robotics collaborate to provide remote access to edge devices

Luos, a provider of open-source software for edge and embedded distributed systems, has expanded its partner ecosystem with the addition of Freedom Robotics, a provider of control and monitoring software for modern robotics. Luos and Freedom Robotics have joined forces to create a bridge that facilitates the efficient monitoring of embedded systems fleet data from the cloud.

This technology allows users to showcase embedded data in real time. Freedom Robotics’ interface then takes over, allowing users to monitor and control every feature of their project.

The partnership aims to give users access to the embedded data in real-time without requiring a physical connection. This ability is beneficial when it is difficult to physically connect to the devices, such as in edge deployment. With the Freedom Robotics monitoring software integration, developers can remotely access specific sensor data on the edge device from any location. This feature can be helpful for troubleshooting and root-cause analysis.

“This integration brings a new level of simplicity and power to any cyber-physical system (CPS) with the ability to see and control microcontroller units (MCU) using the Freedom Robotics dashboard,” said Nicolas Rabault, the co-founder and CEO of Luos. “All it takes is adding one line of code to Luos, making the device visible and able to be monitored and controlled from anywhere using the internet, down to the level of a specific MCU.”

Freedom Robotics’ fleet management platform allows users to manage multiple robotic devices through a single application. It provides real-time visibility of each robot’s status and performance in the fleet. The platform also enables users to update the software and make changes to edge devices. This feature allows users to deploy robots in edge applications without worrying about software updates or device troubleshooting.

Luos CEO and co-founder Nicolas Rabault has provided a detailed guide explaining how the integration works. Luos platform users can discuss potential use cases with the Luos community on its discord server.

“Developers can use any feature of the Luos software and use that on the Freedom Robotics platform to take advantage of adding all of its functionality,” said Rabault. “For example, monitoring and controlling various features of a robot — arms, sensors, lights, and more — that are built with Luos software.

This fall, Luos updated its software to reduce the required space on multipoint control units with limited resources. This update gave users more flexibility in choosing the right MCU for their application.

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