Lumen to enable Flux blockchain on network edge

Lumen to enable Flux blockchain on network edge

Lumen Technologies announced it will include servers on the network edge to empower the expansion of the Flux blockchain ecosystem as a step toward building Web3.

The expansion will have Flux launch new staking nodes on Lumen’s edge computing architecture and fiber connectivity to sustain its growth with speed, security, scalability, and decentralization. It will also support the launch of Flux’s new staking nodes, called Project Titan, which aims to grow the number of participants involved in the network to accelerate Web3.

“Our growing portfolio of blockchain resources and solutions encourages more widespread adoption and means that new technologies can emerge faster,” says Daniel Keller, co-founder and chief strategy officer at Flux. “We believe that blockchain applications run most efficiently on the Flux ecosystem. We understood that to launch Project Titan, we needed to be able to scale up quickly on a distributed network. Now we have the additional capacity to add new staking nodes and ultimately grow the network.”

Lumen says the “rapid growth and adoption” of Web3 technologies like non-fungible tokens, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and the metaverse is propelling the need for a secure and highly distributed network of high-capacity servers.

The company says the Flux ecosystem offers the infrastructure and tools to support Web3 development with a suite of decentralized computing and blockchain-as-a-service solutions to create new blockchain products and hasten mainstream acceptance. Lumen says its servers with more than 12,300 geographically diverse nodes can enable Flux to scale its node structure and grow participation.

Dave Young, senior vice president of strategic sales at Lumen, says the company’s investments in edge computing give emerging tech companies “the power to meet the growing need for speed and global network presence — and both of these are critical for blockchain applications.”

Similar partnerships between networking companies and blockchain platforms include Edgevana and Filecoin.

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