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Lumen supports Solana on its Edge Bare Metal service

Lumen Technologies announced that it is providing support in the form of its edge bare metal offering for node operations on the Solana blockchain. The additional support for Solana’s global community of blockchain validators, application programming interface providers and developers comes at a welcome time — Solana has experienced a variety of performance issues, including increased loading times and dropped transactions for the smart contracts-enabled cryptocurrency.

With the partnership of the Solana Foundation and Lumen, developers can use Lumen’s hyper-distributed edge computing platform without investing in hardware and networking equipment — Lumen’s bare metal service is available on a pay as you go model. Using Lumen infrastructure, which already has in place verified and tested servers that adhere with industry Acceptable Use Policies (AUP), will help sidestep supply chain issues. The end result: a more decentralized, better performing Solana network.

Reducing latency and added bandwidth are the key highlights of the announcement through the Lumen’s edge computing architecture and its ownership of an extensive fiber network. The integration of edge computing and blockchain will enable developers to meet the demands of high performance applications and deploy applications irrespective of geographical constraints.

“Emerging technologies like blockchain demand what Lumen Edge Computing Solutions deliver—increased network security, performance and control,” said Bryn Norton, vice president of specialized sales at Lumen. Lumen meets the unique needs of blockchain with the breadth and reach of the Lumen platform providing a secure foundation.

As the adoption of blockchain technologies has increased in recent years, there has been a growing need for robust infrastructure with secure and highly distributed network of servers. Other recent announcements include Hivelocity expanding its bare metal services in Europe to support blockchain deployments.

“As more people start to use and build on the Solana network, having edge computing servers in top tier markets encourages the expansion and adoption of blockchain technology by broader, more traditional industries,” said Dan Albert, executive director of the Solana Foundation.

“Global supply chain shortages have made it hard for decentralized networks to access the resources they need to grow. By working with Lumen, we can provide node operators on the network easy access to fast, secure edge computing resources around the world,” he added.

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