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Eclipse Foundation, collaborate on new Kanto project for industrial edge

Eclipse Foundation, collaborate on new Kanto project for industrial edge

The Eclipse Foundation and its IoT working group announced a new modular software stack, Eclipse Kanto, designed to solve the challenges in the growing complexity in edge computing environments by providing common functions on all edge devices running Kanto. contributed software and expertise to help launch Kanto.

Kanto is a new project that offers an open-source, lightweight software stack optimized to serve IoT applications in resource-constrained devices. The software is said to enable devices for IoT-ready applications through a variety of functions including cloud connectivity, digital twins and local messaging that can be managed and configured through an IoT cloud ecosystem.

“As organizations turn towards more complex devices at the edge, there is a growing need to ensure these devices already have the fundamental functionality required, allowing developers to focus on their value-add rather than re-creating the wheel,” said Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation. “Eclipse Kanto delivers a powerful open source solution that meets this need and, in fact, provides more robust functionality than existing solutions.”

Addressing industrial IoT and beyond

Speaking of re-creating the wheel, Bosch is a big supplier to the automotive industry as well and sees Kanto and other open-source software as key to developing more flexible platforms for vehicles.

“Considering the vision of a unified control plane for orchestrating software workloads on software-defined vehicles (SDV), the Kanto project can be a key building block for integrating cloud and edge,” said Daniel Krippner, enterprise architect and tech strategist of software-defined vehicles at Bosch. “As SDV-focused open-source working groups are forming and beginning to define their position in the industry, cornerstones like Eclipse Kanto and other open-source projects will be invaluable anchors for broadening relevant open source-driven engagements in this space.”

Many mature Eclipse projects can be used with Kanto, according to an Eclipse press release. Eclipse Hono is used for connecting devices to management platforms and features device telemetry data and operations handling along with a configurable connectivity recovery mechanism. With the help of Eclipse Ditto and Vorto, edge devices are cloned in the cloud and also allow access to specific aspects of the device for evaluation of device data. Leveraging its flexibility on the software side, Eclipse Kanto enables new components to be implemented in other languages, including C/C++ and Rust.

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