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LoRa Alliance welcomes EchoStar Mobile to its board of directors

LoRa Alliance welcomes EchoStar Mobile to its board of directors

The LoRa Alliance has announced that EchoStar Mobile, a provider of satellite communication solutions, has joined its Board of Directors.

LoRaWAN is a technology solution for low power wide area networking (LPWAN) connectivity via satellite. Backed by a diverse range of members such as Actility, EchoStar Mobile and Eutelsat, the LoRa Alliance says it provides options to cater to market demands.

LoRaWAN satellite connectivity has demonstrated various applications, including metering, asset tracking, structural monitoring, utility and water distribution networks, as well as precision agriculture. According to the organization, it enables remote monitoring. It also enhances safety in activities such as wilderness and extreme sports, off-grid tank delivery and environmental and wildlife monitoring.

Donna Moore, CEO and chairperson of the LoRa Alliance, highlights the opportunities for LoRaWAN connectivity using satellites.

“To support this market, we added long-range frequency hopping spread spectrum (LR-FHSS) to LoRaWAN, enabling numerous benefits, including license-free connectivity that reduces costs, providing a direct link to satellite, which is ideal for hard-to-reach locations, low power requirements, and increased network capacity,” states Moore.

Robin Duke-Woolley, CEO and chief analyst at Beecham Research, comments on the growing positive sentiment about LoRaWAN and satellite connectivity in their IoT research. The firm expects LoRaWAN to change the economics of satellite for IoT, making numerous low-data rate applications economically viable in areas where they are currently not feasible.

The LoRa Alliance, established in 2015, is a nonprofit association. Its members collaborate to develop and promote the LoRaWAN standard, which has become the standard for secure IoT LPWAN connectivity. LoRaWAN has over 170 mobile network operators globally.

Elsewhere, Semtech and The Things Industries partnered to offer faster cellular connectivity integration into IoT devices this March. The companies say this collaboration combines Semtech’s semiconductor expertise with The Things Industries’ LoRaWAN technology, enabling seamless connectivity for IoT applications.

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