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Lockheed Martin tests AT&T 5G private network for high-speed data transfer from helicopters

Lockheed Martin tests AT&T 5G private network for high-speed data transfer from helicopters

Researchers at Lockheed Martin’s Stratford, Connecticut headquarters recently tested wireless 5G technologies that could handle high-speed data transfer and secure real-time analysis. But instead of a mobile phone, they tested a helicopter.

The researchers showed that AT&T’s private 5G cellular network could transmit health and usage data from a Sikorsky UH-60M Black Hawk military helicopter in Connecticut to a facility in Waterton, Colorado.

The tests also showed interoperability between the AT&T millimeter wave 5G private cellular network and the 5G.MIL pilot network run by Lockheed Martin. Executives said the results showed that 5G technologies could help service members by supporting accelerated maintenance operations and improving aircraft readiness.

“In collaboration with commercial 5G leaders, an interoperable 5G.MIL multi-site, multi-vendor network is another step closer to reality,” said Dan Rice, vice president of 5G.MIL Programs at Lockheed Martin.

The AT&T 5G private cellular technologies took the previous process time of 30 minutes down to less than 5 minutes. The Black Hawk’s vehicle health management system provides monitoring and diagnostic capability to check aircraft parameters. By analyzing the safety parameters of an aircraft, operators can ensure that it is reliable.

Several organizations have teamed up with one another to develop communication capabilities for defensive applications. In the future, further expected 5G technology improvements in flight lines will reduce costs and improve military operational readiness.

“Timely and secure transfer and analysis of mission and operations data are critical to military readiness and effectiveness,” said Lance Spencer, client executive vice president, Defense, AT&T Public Sector and FirstNet. “This is one of many areas of commercial 5G innovation we are exploring to support defense, commercial aviation, and related fields where our 5G-related services can modernize legacy processes and help deliver truly transformational benefits.”

AT&T recently partnered with Nokia to provide a robust and secure private 4G+ LTE wireless network at the APM Terminals facility in Puerto Progreso, Yucatan, Mexico

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