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Harness the power of today’s networks (like LTE) and tomorrow’s network technologies (including 5G) to deliver newfound levels of intelligence, control, reliability, security, and speed to your network architecture.

AT&T Multi-Access Edge Computing Recent News


AT&T report urges security considerations for healthcare edge applications

An industry report from AT&T covering the healthcare industry’s adoption of edge computing suggests addressing security concerns as the primary…

Apr 3, 2022

AT&T chats up private 5G, edge compute for Ford using Microsoft Azure

Over two years into a development effort for private 5G and edge computing, AT&T has detailed some examples of current…

Feb 13, 2022

AT&T report shines spotlight on edge security, including 5G networks

AT&T recently issued a new report called “2022 Securing the Edge” in which the US carrier surveyed over a thousand…

Jan 14, 2022

To core or not: Microsoft updates market on AT&T network cloud acquisition

AT&T’s decision to sell its 5G Network Cloud software last summer caused some head-scratching in the industry especially when AT&T…

Nov 28, 2021

AT&T launches Azure Edge Zone in Atlanta

AT&T and Microsoft have gone live with an Azure Edge Zone in Atlanta. The idea is to match AT&T’S 5G…

Sep 15, 2021

AT&T launches 5G-enabled IoT, inks connected car deal with GM

After a raft of announcements from rival wireless providers, AT&T has chimed in with two interesting edge and 5G moves…

Aug 2, 2021

AT&T Clouds Up Microsoft Deal: “We are not outsourcing our core network function”

When AT&T announced recently that Microsoft was buying its 5G Network Cloud core software and moving it to Microsoft’s cloud,…

Jul 28, 2021

AT&T, developer JBG Smith plan on turning National Landing into 5G Smart City showcase

AT&T and JBG SMITH have entered into a letter of intent to deliver the first 5G Smart City at scale in National Landing. The…

Jul 7, 2021

Microsoft buys AT&T’s 5G Network Cloud core—is this the new norm ‘core’?

In what can only be described as a bold move, Microsoft is to buy the network core AT&T has been…

May 19, 2021

Considering physical and digital security at the edge after planned attack on AWS data center

A Texan man was recently arrested for allegedly planning to blow up an AWS data center in Virginia with plastic…

Oct 26, 2020

Verizon’s private 5G comes with Microsoft Azure for on-premise edge deployments

Verizon is working with Microsoft to create new ways for enterprises to accelerate the delivery of fast and secure 5G…

Oct 7, 2020

AWS, Verizon continue to gradually expand mobile edge offering

Businesses and developers can now build and deploy applications with AWS Wavelength at Verizon’s 5G Edge in three new locations: Atlanta, New…

May 27, 2020

Research showing gaps in 5G availability, strategy for telcos

While the top global 5G operators are competing to deliver the fastest speed for their users, the amount of time…

Apr 27, 2020

CEO change at AT&T but company is still moving ahead on 5G, edge investments

After 13 years at the helm of AT&T, Randall Stephenson is stepping down as CEO of the telecom giant as…

Mar 30, 2020

Microsoft’s newest edge tool is Affirmed Networks

Microsoft Corp. has paid an undisclosed sum for 5G mobile software maker Affirmed Networks Inc. in a deal that is…

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