Adva introduces rugged 10Gbps Ethernet demarcation device for edge networks

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Adva introduces rugged 10Gbps Ethernet demarcation device for edge networks

Adva has launched a compact edge demarcation device, FSP 150-XO106, to enable communication service providers to deliver 10Gbit/second carrier Ethernet service. The hardware device can withstand harsh environments and temperature variations. Because of its small form factor, Adva’s FSP 150-XO106 Ethernet demarcation device can deploy in space-constrained edge locations.

The Adva Carrier Ethernet edge device also features OAM capabilities and can integrate with the company’s Ensemble Controller and Packet Director for network management. This secure 10Gbit/s high-performance demarcation device allows businesses to connect to third-party network management systems via open control interfaces and protocols.

“The emergence of more connected devices and the boom in video streaming create a new set of demands at the network edge. So too does the rapid digital transformation across all industries, from healthcare to education to agriculture, said Mike Heffner, GM of edge cloud, Adva.

One of the critical features of the Adva FSP 150-XO106 Ethernet demarcation device is the ability to maintain connectivity through its independent electricity supply. Even if the external power supply fails, the hardware device can meet the requirements of backhaul networks.

As the FSP 150-XO106 is temperature hardened, the device can operate in the temperature range of -40°C and +65°C and does not require cooling. Businesses can quickly deploy it on external walls, poles and cell towers to address the needs of outdoor applications.

The ethernet demarcation device combines carrier ethernet and IP to provide synchronization capabilities. Adva FSP 150-XO106 features fully automated activation, which includes uploading the latest firmware, software update, configuration, and self-start.

“The versatility and ease of deployment of our new device will bring reliable, high-speed connectivity to more places than ever before,” concluded Heffner.

Last year, Adva led the AI-NET-Protect project to build secure private networks for the European edge computing market. The project proposed solutions to multiple challenges—such as the possibility of quantum computing destroying the encryption that protects data confidentiality and availability.

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