Linaro takes control of Arm’s Forge HPC software tools

Linaro takes control of Arm’s Forge HPC software tools

Linaro Ltd., a UK-based provider of open-source Arm software development tools, has reached a deal with Arm to acquire its Arm Forge high-performance computing tools business.

The deal comes as Arm’s architecture is being adopted in a growing range of markets, ranging from cloud computing to Apple desktop and laptop computers in addition to its use in everything from edge GPUs and beyond. Development tools are a key component to enable applications to be written for different platforms.

Arm Forge offers a suite of development tools that allow users to debug and evaluate performance on several compute architectures. The Arm Forge engineering and business teams will become part of Linaro Ltd and they will rebrand the software tools as Linaro Forge.

In 2016, Arm acquired Allinea and its Forge product line as part of its efforts to advance in the high-performance computing and cloud market. Over the past seven years, the Arm Forge tools have undergone significant developments through partnerships. Following the acquisition by Linaro, they will provide current Arm Forge customers with customer service and software updates.

“Arm and our partners have established a strong and rapidly growing position in this space, with every major hyperscaler now offering Arm instances and Arm-based systems for HPC and server applications available from leading OEMs,” said Javier Orensanz Martinez, the vice president of development solutions at Arm. “Forge tools are available and thriving across the market, and the time is right for a trusted partner like Linaro to continue to develop and grow this business.”

Arm Forge is a development tool that facilitates debugging and large-scale, high-performance computing. This technology allows developers to identify any inefficiencies within specific lines of code by creating a visual illustration of performance. Arm Performance reports provide actionable insights into an application’s effectiveness, guiding it to optimize its performance and maximize efficiency.

Linaro was established in 2010 to create Arm related software and promote the widespread adoption of Arm technology. The company remains dedicated to developing open-source tools for large-scale enterprise applications. Today, Linaro ships ready-to-use software tools to support the expansion of the Arm ecosystem.

“We believe that their expertise combined with Linaro’s existing HPC and core engineering skills, our ability to build and leverage open-source communities and our professional services expertise will enable us to take Forge to the next level,” said Rob Booth, the Linaro COO.

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