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Arm’s advanced, energy-efficient processor designs are enabling the intelligence in 100 billion silicon chips and securely powering products from the sensor to the smartphone to the supercomputer. With more than 1,000 technology partners including the world’s largest business and consumer brands, we are driving Arm innovation into all areas compute is happening inside the chip, the network and the cloud.

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Deeplite speeds edge AI on ARM chips with optimization software

Deeplite, a provider of AI optimization software designed to make AI model inference faster, more compact and energy-efficient, has launched…

Nov 22, 2021UK has Nvidia in armbar, pauses ARM acquisition
Nov 21, 2021Congatec lines up with Sysgo to provide secure edge systems in ‘critical systems’
Nov 2, 2021OnLogic talks about the hardware, technology, and edge AI that will power Industry 4.0
Oct 21, to support Arm ecosystem with “future-proof” Linux for secure IoT and edge products
Oct 21, 2021Arm works to slash time-to-build for IoT with virtual hardware, new ecosystem initiative
Oct 11, 2021VMware unveils updated edge portfolio, including Edge Compute Stack
Sep 15, 2021Vecow aims latest edge AI system at digital signage, Smart Retail and Smart industry use
Aug 30, 2021Nvidia’s purchase of ARM could be blocked by UK: Supply chain nationalism on the rise or just a temporary kink?
Aug 8, 2021Roundup: Taoglas edge modules, IAR Systems customer win, Vecow’s edge AI platform
Aug 4, 2021PlasticARM bends, doesn’t break: ARM’s 32-bit plastic chip for edge and IoT
May 27, 2021Ampere will design chip to power the hyperscale cloud market, distancing itself from ARM’s edge strength
Apr 7, 2021Fortinet fortifies Open Fabric ecosystem, adds IoT/OT and other partners for edge security
Mar 28, 2021OnLogic new Raspberry Pi device cooled by fanless design, offers connectivity options
Feb 7, 2021Maxihost amps up BMaaS with Ampere’s ARM-based chips for next-gen, edge workloads

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OnLogic talks about the hardware, technology, and edge AI that will power Industry 4.0

From its beginnings in Vermont, USA as a supplier of motherboards and components, OnLogic has grown over the last 18 years into a global industrial PC…

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