Deploying AI Models at the Edge

Lightbend unveils single programming model for the cloud and edge

Lightbend unveils single programming model for the cloud and edge

Lightbend, a provider of cloud-native microservices framework, has released the latest version of Akka. Akka Edge’s new programming model allows developers to create applications that function in cloud and edge environments.

According to the company, before Akka Edge, developers had to use different solutions for the cloud and edge, which led to complex tool integrations.

Akka Edge aims to help developers focus on business logic while saving time and effort, bridging the gap between the edge and the cloud. As a result, businesses can better utilize intelligent data and improve operations, irrespective of the data source, the company says.

Jonas Bonér, Lightbend’s founder and CEO, says: “As the line between cloud and edge environments continues to blur, Akka Edge brings industry-first capabilities to enable developers to build once for the cloud and, when ready, deploy seamlessly to the edge.”

Akka Edge targets developers and businesses looking to leverage the cloud-to-edge continuum. It empowers innovations, such as active/active digital twins and seamless integration, the company says.

The new platform’s features include adaptive data availability, projections over gRPC for the edge, scalability and efficiency improvements and programmatically defined low-footprint active entity migrations. Other features include lightweight storage and support for more constrained environments such as GraalVM native image and lightweight Kubernetes distributions., a company that uses Akka to build high-performance cloud systems for geographically distributed clients, says it has found Akka Edge helpful.

“We have been able to dramatically speed up our time-to-production by building a single solution for both cloud and edge with Akka,” says Jean-Philippe Le Roux, CEO of

In August, Lightbend announced enhancements to its Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Kalix, promising increased efficiency and productivity for developers of cloud and edge applications. The company says Kalix simplifies the complexities of building cloud-native applications on Kubernetes.

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Deploying AI Models at the Edge


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