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Lightbend promises to transform developer experience with enhanced Kalix PaaS

Lightbend promises to transform developer experience with enhanced Kalix PaaS

Lightbend, a cloud-native microservices frameworks provider, has announced significant improvements to its Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Kalix. The changes promise a new level of efficiency and productivity for developers of both cloud and edge applications.

Kalix helps to simplify the intricacies of building cloud-native applications based on Kubernetes, easing the transition for organizations moving to cloud-native infrastructure.

Jonas Bonér, the founder and CEO of Lightbend, emphasizes the importance of developer experience (DX) for all organizations. Bonér believes that the revamped Kalix experience provides an optimal DX, allowing developers to readily experience the speed, reliability and efficiency of Kalix.

The new DX experience provides the tools, processes and work environments that optimize the experiences of software developers in enterprises. The three key elements of the unique Kalix experience include the Kalix Container Registry, Kalix Control Tower, and new DX functionalities.

Among the new features, Kalix has integrated multiple new capabilities to ease developers’ lives. An all-platform proxy image structure is a prominent example, which results in a six-fold improvement in testing time, company executives say.

Further, the new Container Registry feature automatically sets up the container registry for the user, making deploying code to Kalix a one-command task. According to Lightbend, the Kalix Container registry sits within the Kalix ecosystem, housed in a fully managed environment, providing a more stable, reliable, and easier-to-manage registry than customer-managed containers.

Kalix has also introduced a Control Tower feature, providing real-time visibility into applications and services running on Kalix. The Control Tower provides comprehensive reports on every component and functionality of a service, from health to performance to billing.

Kalix, in general, aids organizations in the rapid development and deployment of cloud-native microservices and APIs at the lowest possible cost. It promises a 200% increase in developer velocity with minimal operations required. This model is tailored for the cloud and edge, allowing developers to concentrate on creating end-user and business value while managing everything from the cloud.

Lightbend, a cloud-native microservices frameworks provider, made headlines in May when it unveiled the Akka Distributed Cluster, a new platform designed for edge computing across various data centers. This platform enhances application availability during outages, cuts costs and data storage expenses, and optimizes developer time. As a result, enterprises can more efficiently create mission-critical cloud-native applications, the company says.

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