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Lightbend honored by Frost & Sullivan for innovative managed PaaS solution

Lightbend honored by Frost & Sullivan for innovative managed PaaS solution

Frost & Sullivan has recognized Lightbend with the 2022 North American Serverless Computing Company of the Year Award for developing Kalix, a managed PaaS solution allowing developers to quickly build applications without operational complexity.

Each year, Frost & Sullivan’s Company of the Year Award recognizes a business for its innovation, customer value and market penetration.

More specifically, Frost & Sullivan Best Practices awards recognize companies that have achieved superior performance in leadership, technological innovation, customer service and strategic product development.

“Lightbend offers the most comprehensive serverless-based managed PaaS solution on the market, spanning powerful features and capabilities,” says Valentina Barcia, a Frost & Sullivan best practices research analyst. “Highlights include a unique infrastructure that enables customers to accelerate time to market, increases the focus of developers on developing high-performance applications, and reduces costs.”

According to Lightbend, Kalix simplifies the complexity of constructing scalable and data-centric microservices and APIs. It provides developers with an efficient solution for delivering high-performance services so businesses can shift critical workloads onto the cloud. This platform covers components such as application architecture, data management and cloud infrastructure.

Lightbend says Kalix provides an out-of-the-box cloud-native stack that eliminates the need for wiring and integration with databases, caches, service meshes and API gateways. It supports traditional Key Value state models like Event Sourcing and CQRS. As a managed platform on Kubernetes, Kalix provides scalability, security and distributed data management, allowing developers to focus on building cloud-native applications for vertical-specific industries.

“Lightbend’s vision centers on simplifying the developer experience to release the power of the cloud by offering feature-rich, unique, serverless-based managed PaaS solution,” says Sandeep Bazaz, a Frost & Sullivan analyst. “The company’s solution can completely manage the system end-to-end, covering all services and the underlying infrastructure, thus freeing developers’ time.”

Lightbend says it made $20 million in revenue in 2021 and raised over $80 million from investors such as IBM, Intel, Juniper Networks Inc and Blue Cloud Ventures.

Lightbend launched Kalix last spring. With Kalix, the company aimed to deliver a programming structure and Developer Experience (DX) that allows developers to craft cloud-native apps without databases.

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