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LF Edge, EdgeX Foundry celebrates 5M container downloads, releases new tool

LF Edge project EdgeX Foundry has announced reaching a milestone of more than 5 million container downloads and released a new tool for AI deployment, data analytics and digital transformation, LF Edge announced.

Dubbed Geneva, EdgeX’s sixth release helps enterprises speed up data transfers from edge devices to cloud, enterprise and on-premises applications. Launched in April 2017, EdgeX Foundry is a stage 3 project focused on IoT edge, widely deployed in the community. The project counts over 170 unique contributors, with project managers saying that there is now an average download rate of 1 million containers per month.

“EdgeX Foundry is committed to developing an open IoT platform for edge-related applications and shows no signs of slowing down the momentum,” said Arpit Joshipura, general manager of networking, edge and IoT for the Linux Foundation, in a prepared statement. “As one of the Stage 3 projects under LF Edge, EdgeX Foundry is a clear example of how member collaboration and diversity are the keys to creating an interoperable open source framework across IoT, enterprise, cloud and telco edge.”

The Geneva release is said to offer streamlined deployment, improved analytics and security enhancements. Some of its key enhancements include:

– Automatic device provisioning.
– Code optimization that results in enhanced performance and a smaller footprint.
– Improved bandwidth utilization and efficiency, secure authentication, black box testing, and new integration and backward compatibility testing.

“The massive volume of devices coming online represents a huge opportunity for innovation and is making edge computing a necessity,” said Keith Steele, EdgeX Foundry Chair of the Technical Steering Committee, in a prepared statement. “With at least 50% of data being stored, processed and analyzed at the edge we need an open, cloud-native edge ecosystem enabled by EdgeX to minimize reinvention and facilitate building and deploying distributed, interoperable applications from the edge to the cloud. In 3 short years, EdgeX has achieved incredible global momentum and is now being designed into IoT systems and product roadmaps.”

Open Horizon is a new project launched last month that showcases how EdgeX Foundry automates delivery and lifecycle management as a containerized application. EdgeX is closely working with Open Horizon and Akraino Edge Stack.

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