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LF Edge brings together top edge projects across IoT, cloud, and the enterprise to increase unification across platforms, communities and ecosystems. These projects address the challenge of industry fragmentation and will collaborate with end users, vendors, and developers to transform all aspects of the edge and accelerate open source developments.

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LF Edge unveils two new community projects for IoT edge

LF Edge, an open source edge computing umbrella organization within the Linux Foundation, has announced the addition of two new…

Mar 16, 2023

CNCF outlines cloud vs edge-native application principles

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) recently released a new whitepaper outlining edge native application principles. Having a broader swath…

Mar 16, 2023

Dell, Zededa plus LF Edge projects enable carbon tracking at Chilean winery

Improving business efficiency is one of the top reasons to implement IoT in an enterprise environment. Edge computing and IoT…

Mar 1, 2023

Linux Foundation, Open Grid join forces to advance edge infrastructure development

The Linux Foundation and the Open Grid Alliance have announced a Memorandum of Understanding that will facilitate collaboration between multiple…

Aug 12, 2022

Finalists for 2022 Edge Woman of the Year Award announced by Edge Computing World, State of the Edge

State of the Edge, a free edge computing research open source project, and Edge Computing World, an edge ecosystem event,…

May 17, 2022

EdgeX Foundry IoT framework gets new metrics, security, device profile features

EdgeX Foundry celebrated its fifth anniversary with the tenth update to its internet of things (IoT) edge framework featuring metrics…

Apr 1, 2022

Linux Foundation hires new CTO, announces speaker lineup for Open Networking & Edge Executive Forum

The Linux Foundation has announced ecosystem updates across networking and edge, with a preliminary keynote speaker line-up for Open Networking &…

Mar 8, 2022

LF Edge updates: American Tower joins as Premier Member, EdgeGallery added to Project Roster

The Linux Foundation (LF) has announced two separate moves to expand LF Edge, its ecosystem of partners working on establishing…

Feb 11, 2022

How (and where) biometric identification technologies can leverage edge computing and AI

The advancement of edge AI hardware and software presents a significant opportunity to improve the accuracy and security of biometric…

Nov 22, 2021

Mimik Technology joins LF Edge with focus on Open Horizon, edge device management

mimik Technology is among the latest class of edge computing innovators to join LF Edge. LF Edge is an umbrella organization within…

Oct 22, 2021

Aarna Networks joins EMCO Project, Linux Foundation Edge welcomes F5 and VMware

Edge computing and 5G open-source company Aarna Networks have recently joined the Edge Multi-Cluster Orchestration Platform (EMCO) project in Linux…

Oct 14, 2021

Trilogy Networks’ Nancy Shemwell announced as 2021 Edge Woman of the Year by Edge Computing World

Edge computing leaders from State of the Edge and Edge Computing World have announced the Third Annual Edge Women of…

Aug 8, 2021

EdgeX Foundry releases significant update to IoT framework, stresses security, ease of use

EdgeX Foundry, a project under the LF Edge umbrella organization within the Linux Foundation, have announced it’s Ireland release. Focused on edge/IoT solutions, EdgeX Foundry’s…

Jul 17, 2021

Zededa focuses partnership strategy to boost edge, AI in energy sector

The energy industry is undergoing rapid evolution as it adjusts to sweeping changes in everything from aging infrastructure to an…

Apr 3, 2021

LF Edge doubles down on digital twin interoperability with Digital Twin Consortium partnership

Digital Twin Consortium, which coalesces industry, government, and academia to advance digital twin technology, recently announced a partnership with LF…

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