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Leaseweb, Edgio partner to enhance CDNs across multiple continents

Leaseweb, Edgio partner to enhance CDNs across multiple continents

Leaseweb, a cloud services and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider, has partnered with Edgio to integrate it into Leaseweb’s Multi-CDN portfolio across North America, EMEA and APAC regions.

The Leaseweb Multi-CDN combines multiple content delivery network (CDN) providers with the aim of enhancing global reach and user experience. With redundant switching mechanisms and intelligent traffic routing, it ensures optimal performance, reduced latency and increased availability.

It improves high-bandwidth content performance and benefits the media, entertainment, marketing, SaaS and gaming industries.

Emma Whitmore, the group VP of EMEA Edgio, is enthusiastic about strengthening the partnership with Leaseweb.

“The collaboration signifies the growing recognition among cloud, media and entertainment companies that Edgio offers one of the fastest, highest capacity and most secure edge-enabled CDNs, which, combined with our quality of service, makes us an attractive option,” says Whitmore.

Edgio says it is a global provider of edge-enabled software solutions, empowering companies to deliver high-quality digital experiences. From faster websites and responsive applications to superior streaming quality, Edgio aims to address the growing demand for digital content in the e-commerce, video and software industries.

Meanwhile, Leaseweb says its clients can now benefit from improved scalability and enhanced content delivery performance by integrating Edgio into its multi-CDN solution. Both companies emphasize that this collaboration represents an advancement in the multi-CDN market, providing enhanced speed and efficiency for live stream and on-demand video delivery.

According to Sharan Kumar, the CDN product manager at Leaseweb, the integration of Edgio’s technology expands its multi-CDN offerings and establishes new standards for content delivery.

“This partnership underlines our commitment to innovation and our dedication to serving the evolving needs of businesses worldwide,” emphasizes Kumar.

This spring, Leaseweb launched its VMware vSphere and HCI solutions in Canada. The company says the technology offers an easy way for customers to migrate business-critical applications to a secure and reliable platform with data hosted in Canadian data centers.

Leaseweb executives say that VMware vSphere provides organizations with a single-tenant infrastructure solution for deploying virtualization environments of various sizes without long-term investments or complicated setup procedures. With these solutions, customers may benefit from greater scalability, elasticity and performance.

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