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Juniper Networks launches new security services architecture for edge data centers

Juniper Networks launches new security services architecture for edge data centers

Juniper Networks, a provider of secure network solutions, announced an expansion of its Connected Security portfolio, unveiling a new distributed security services architecture for edge data centers.

According to the company, the architecture empowers organizations to extend security services and Zero Trust policies across distributed data center environments.

As edge computing, multi-cloud, IoT and 5G become more prevalent, business data is being dispersed across various locations, posing challenges to its security and management.

As a result, organizations require a modern data center architecture that ensures reliability, scalable performance for demanding workloads like AI model training, and comprehensive data security, regardless of data location.

As Shishir Singh, the senior vice president and general manager of core technologies and security at Juniper Networks, explains:

“As new distributed data center architectures create more blind spots and operational complexity, it is vital to have advanced security capabilities that can adapt regardless of the transformation.”

Juniper notes that a key feature in its Connected Security Distributed Services Architecture is decoupling forwarding and security services layers, which have traditionally been combined in single firewall appliances.

The decoupled design allows customers to utilize their existing Juniper MX series routers as intelligent forwarding engines and load balancers. The company says this approach enables independent scaling flexibility, multi-path resiliency and cost efficiency while simplifying operations through Juniper Security Director Cloud.

According to Juniper, the AI-Predictive Threat Prevention feature further enhances the architecture’s security capabilities by automatically generating custom signatures unique to each customer’s environment through a proxy-less architecture.

The expanded portfolio includes four firewalls: Juniper Networks SRX1600, SRX2300, SRX4300 and SRX4700. These firewalls, each 1 RU in size, offer up to 1.4 Tbps of throughput and integrated Zero Trust capabilities.

Praveen Jain, the senior vice president and general manager of AI clusters and the cloud-ready data center at Juniper Networks, emphasizes the need for a modern architecture that delivers reliable automated operations and high-performing connectivity without compromising security.

“Juniper is setting the bar for secure and reliable data centers that deliver the best operator and end-user experiences,” adds Jain.

Earlier this year, Juniper Networks partnered with Nokia, IBM and Spirent. This collaboration integrates IBM’s network automation capabilities with Juniper’s RAN and O-RAN technology, enabling them to explore the possibility of offering a unified RAN management platform.

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