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HostDime’s new Orlando data center to empower next-gen AI with 100kW per rack

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HostDime’s new Orlando data center to empower next-gen AI with 100kW per rack

HostDime, a hyper-edge data center provider, is set to open a Tier IV data center in Orlando, Florida. The facility will support next-generation AI, machine learning and other high-performance computing workloads, addressing capacity constraints in traditional major metro markets.

According to the company, the Orlando data center, scheduled to be commissioned in the first quarter of 2024, demonstrates an improvement in infrastructure capabilities with a power density of up to 100kW per rack, an increase from the 3kW to 20kW typical of more traditional legacy data centers.

HostDime’s Tier IV designation ensures fault tolerance and redundancy, allowing the company to offer 100% uptime SLAs (Service Level Agreements), company executives say. The infrastructure is for AI workloads that demand continuous availability to perform essential tasks.

Artificial intelligence has rapidly transformed from just a buzzword into a game-changer across various industries. That said, complex neural networks and deep learning algorithms require high-performance hardware like CPUs, GPUs and TPUs for parallel processing and accelerated training.

HostDime notes that the emergence of a new generation of purpose-built data centers is necessary to power this hardware infrastructure.

HostDime offers hyper-edge global data center services, with owned and purpose-built data center facilities in Mexico, Brazil and the USA and owned networks in the UK, India and Hong Kong.

The company is also deploying its hyper-edge, Tier IV data center design globally, with recent deployments in Latin America, including Colombia.

In 2022, HostDime made headlines for constructing a solar power plant in João Pessoa, Brazil to power its data center. With an investment of $1.2 million, the project supports the data center’s power infrastructure and a planned 30% capacity expansion. The facility, covering 130,100 square feet, is located in a rural area in Paraíba.

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