Innominds, Qualcomm launch iDhi edge computing platform for heavy video processing

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Innominds, Qualcomm launch iDhi edge computing platform for heavy video processing

Innominds, a company known for offering a wide range of edge computing solutions, has partnered with Qualcomm Technologies to develop iMedVIsion (iDhi), an edge compute hardware and software platform.

Innominds reports that several Fortune 500 companies have implemented its edge computing solutions in various industries, including manufacturing, retail, automotive and energy. The company’s recently launched iDhi edge computing platform can handle heavy video processing required for medical monitoring applications, as well as remote robotics and drone piloting, the company says.

“As companies worldwide embrace digital transformation, we see incredible promise for Innominds’ cloud-native solution to modernize edge computing in industrial environments,” says Dev Singh, the vice president of business development and head of building, enterprise, and industrial automation at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Innominds claims that their iDhi edge compute platform can efficiently run computer vision applications that need up to 8 video streams with 4G or 5G connectivity. It provides cloud support for enhanced security, a frequently overlooked aspect of the edge industry. According to Innominds, its platform contains annotated datasets allowing ten times faster video processing. This helps in remotely operating edge devices.

Both companies acknowledge that the medical technology industry demands accurate compute vision AI models that provide real-time high frame rate HD video streams with smartphone-level power consumption. Innominds says its iMedVision product is a hardware-based vision AI-on-the-edge platform that empowers developers to build next-gen health devices.

Regarding its hardware, the iDhi consists of a carrier board that has a comprehensive set of input/output ports. The platform combines cloud connectivity, 4G/5G, Wi-Fi 6 and the ability to support multiple camera streams, allowing the developer to build small form factor medical devices for diagnostic, surgical assistance and surgical first equipment.

“By leveraging edge technologies built on current infrastructure and deploying software as orchestrated workloads, our work with Qualcomm Technologies enables us to bring IT and OT innovation together and create a new paradigm for the industrial edge,” says Raj Ganti, the president of strategic accounts at Innominds.

The platform will utilize Qualcomm’s QCS8250 and QRB5165 system-on-chip, accessed through Microsoft Azure Device Catalogue or directly from Innominds.

Recently, an American Tower edge data center in Denver was observed using Qualcomm Technologies’ QCS8250 system-on-chip using Qualcomm Technologies’ QCS8250 system-on-chip in one of its servers. One of the main reasons behind its widespread adoption is its ability to handle demanding computing workloads and advanced graphics processing. Qualcomm’s edge portfolio is increasingly gaining traction among organizations due to its high performance, low power consumption, reliability and 5G connectivity.

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