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IIJ launches DX Edge data center offering in Japan

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IIJ launches DX Edge data center offering in Japan

Internet Initiative Japan Inc., one of Japan’s leading Internet-access and comprehensive network solutions providers, signed a partnership agreement with Zella DC, an Australian micro data centers (MDC) manufacturer, and launched “DX edge,” an edge data center solution. DX edge is a value-added service based on Zella DC’s MDC products.

DX edge provides an all-in-one solution covering all items from installation to operation and maintenance for MDC. As a result, our customers can quickly deploy an edge computing platform and an on-site digital/IT platform with efficient operation.

MDC comes equipped with the functions that a data center needs-including a cooling unit, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), and physical security, though it is small (approximately 1 to 2 meters tall). In addition, it has waterproof/dustproof performance and sound insulation so that it can be deployed anywhere both indoors and outdoors. For instance, an MDC can be installed physically close to IoT devices. It works as an edge computing platform for factory automation (FA) or other applications that require low latency, processing of big data, or a high level of security. MDC is also suitable for small on-premise server rooms at customer sites. Other use cases is the application of MEC (multi-access edge computing) and 5G technology for telemedicine and autonomous driving, which needs real-time performance and ultra-low latency.

By adding the MDC to IIJ’s data center product line, with the existing modular-type data center “IZmo series,” IIJ expands its lineup to meet any need for an edge platform to the cloud. IIJ can provide appropriate data center services and solutions according to customers’ needs.

For use indoors, there is the “Zella Pro,” and for outdoors, there is the “Zella Hut” in the MDC lineup, which consists of models 12U, 25U, and 38U. IIJ advises customers on designing MDC configurations in line with their needs and provides installation work. The lead time is about two months at the shortest. Additionally, IIJ provides remote operation and maintenance, including troubleshooting, security notifications, etc. IIJ can provide the edge computing that comes with its IoT and network services based on customer requirements.


The MDC has the functions required for a data center in a compact box and without dedicated server rooms. Therefore, it is possible to start small quickly and expand on demand. It is also possible to connect multiple units as a module.

Easy operation and high cost-efficiency

Multiple sites and multiple MDCs can be centrally operated and maintained remotely. In case of any component failures, IIJ provides send-back maintenance, and users can replace plug-and-play components. It makes for ease of operation. In addition, it saves power (PUE = 1.2) since it is not necessary to cool the entire server room and has more than a ten year life expectancy. The installation and operation costs are lower than those of the traditional server room. As a result, it leads to lower TCO.

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