Iceotope boasts breakthrough in precision liquid cooling

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Iceotope boasts breakthrough in precision liquid cooling

Liquid cooling technology company Iceotope has announced it has achieved chip-level cooling up to and beyond 1000W. Published in “Achieving chip cooling at 1000W and beyond with single-phase Precision Liquid Cooling,” their results underscore the efficacy of single-phase liquid cooling in attaining remarkable thermal performance.

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, where the demand for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and high-performance computing continues to surge, traditional cooling methods face unprecedented challenges. The escalating thermal design power of IT equipment necessitates innovative and sustainable cooling solutions, prompting a shift towards liquid cooling within the data center industry. With the prospect of CPUs and GPUs reaching power levels of 1000W to 2000W in the near future, the need for future-proofing infrastructure investments becomes paramount.

Iceotope Labs’ testing has shed light on the capabilities of precision liquid cooling technology in meeting these evolving demands. Findings include the achievement of a thermal resistance of 0.039 K/W with Iceotope’s copper pinned KUL SINK at a flow rate of 7 l/min, even when subjected to a 1000W heat load. This represents an 11.4 percent improvement in thermal resistance compared to conventional tank immersion products. Moreover, the consistency of thermal resistance across varying power levels demonstrates the technology’s reliability and scalability, according to the company.

Neil Edmunds, Iceotope’s vice president of product management, emphasizes the significance of this milestone, highlighting the technology’s superiority over competing liquid cooling solutions.

“Iceotope Precision Liquid Cooling technology has achieved an important industry milestone by demonstrating enhanced thermal performance capability compared to other competing liquid cooling technologies,” says Neil Edmunds, Vice President of Product Management at Iceotope.

“We are confident that future testing of our standard solution at elevated power levels will demonstrate further inherent cooling capability. Iceotope is also continuing to develop new solutions which enable even higher roadmap power levels to be attained in a safe, sustainable and scalable way.”

Iceotope’s achievement in cooling 1000W silicon holds promise in advancing edge computing solutions, where efficient cooling is indispensable for optimal performance and reliability.

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