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GDIT forms a coalition with leading technology companies to accelerate 5G adoption

GDIT forms a coalition with leading technology companies to accelerate 5G adoption

General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT) has formed a coalition with several telecommunication conglomerates to speed up the adoption of 5G connectivity, advanced wireless technology and edge computing services. The team of Amazon Web Services, Dell Technologies, Cisco, Splunk and T-Mobile will contribute to developing reliable edge computing solutions for government agencies.

The GDIT 5G and edge accelerator coalition is a diverse group of government agencies, businesses, and other organizations working to develop solutions for enterprise applications. GDIT’s advanced wireless emerge lab will explore edge use cases and develop prototypes for the cost-effective deployment of 5G connectivity and advanced wireless capabilities. The solutions can help federal, state and local agencies with a wide range of mission-critical applications, from enterprise to edge computing, according to GDIT.

“We share a common vision of how 5G, edge and advanced wireless technologies can transform government operations,” said Ben Gianni, senior vice president and chief technology officer at GDIT. “Forming this coalition will help us bring our collective strengths together to provide technical differentiation and the most beneficial solutions for our government customers.”

To support the coalition, AWS provides its cloud infrastructure to connect devices at the edge to cloud services. Meanwhile, Cisco offers 5G core and mobile edge computing capabilities to enable efficient data processing. Dell Technologies will leverage its open infrastructure and edge operations software, AI-enabled edge devices and sensor. Splunk will offer cybersecurity automation and edge computing capabilities for integrated security. At the same time, T-Mobile provides the network bandwidth and advanced industry solutions needed to power large-scale use cases in the smart ecosystem.

GDIT will work with the coalition and its partners to design, deploy and maintain secure end-to-end 5G solutions. The company’s Emerge Lab can operate a 5G environment for testing and demonstrating various technologies.

“As part of this new coalition, we can collaborate with other technology, telecommunications and government leaders to help power an inclusive future,” said Carl DeGroote, vice president of federal sales at Cisco. “We’re excited to apply our 5G core and mobile edge compute expertise to accelerate the adoption of 5G and help advance wireless and edge technologies across government agencies.”

Earlier this year, GDIT announced it would leverage Cisco‘s private 5G services to explore the opportunity in edge computing use cases for government agencies.

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