Federated Wireless provides a private 5G network for U.S. marine corps base

Federated Wireless provides a private 5G network for U.S. marine corps base

Federated Wireless, a shared spectrum and private wireless provider, has been chosen as a primary contractor for the development of a private 5G smart warehouse network for the U.S. Marine Corps and other Department of Defense facilities nationwide. Other applications for the network include real-time robotics, smart security cameras, and connected equipment.

Federated Wireless has stated that after initial testing in a pre-production version, the official launch of the private 5G network is scheduled for July 2023 at the U.S. Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, which is located in Georgia. The demonstration of the network took place in the presence of a diverse audience from the Department of Defense and military leadership, including Dr. Thomas Rondeau, the principal director for FutureG and 5G for the U.S. Department of Defense.

In addition to Federated Wireless, other industry leaders, such as Cisco, JMA, and KPMG, are actively collaborating with the Department of Defense to expand private wireless networks and increase operational efficiency across military bases. Their collective efforts aim to drive technological advancements and improvements within the defense sector.

“We are excited to begin working with other DoD and military leaders to extend the power of edge computing and private 5G to telehealth, training, facilities security, supply chain optimization, and other mission-critical operations,” says Kurt Schaubach, chief technology officer of Federated Wireless.

Federated Wireless has developed a Spectrum Controller that automates the sharing of the CBRS spectrum to ensure that the existing users are protected from signal interference while enabling new shared access uses. This allows them to allow its customers to utilize the CBRS spectrum for their wireless communication needs without disrupting the existing client base.

Based on the AT&T Cybersecurity 2023 Edge Ecosystem report, the manufacturing industry in 2023 primarily adopts smart warehousing as its main application. This has resulted in major telecommunication and IoT companies shifting their focus to this specific area, moving away from video-based quality inspection, which was prominent in 2022.

Federated Wireless has recently introduced its Neutral Host 2.0 system that integrates shared radio spectrum with an interoperable 5G private wireless technology. This solution allows customers to access wireless capabilities while also leveraging cellular connectivity.

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