Federated Wireless wants to unlock private 5G growth with Neutral Host 2.0

Federated Wireless wants to unlock private 5G growth with Neutral Host 2.0

Federated Wireless has announced the release of its Neutral Host 2.0 system, which combines shared radio spectrum and an interoperable 5G private wireless technology with public cellular access.

The company says this system enables customers to gain the best private wireless capabilities alongside cellular connectivity in previously unconnected areas.

Neutral Host 2.0 uses the Citizen Broadband Radio Spectrum (CBRS) to create a single radio network that multiple Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) can operate simultaneously. In contrast, legacy Distributed Antenna System (DAS) neutral host systems require separate radios for each MNO.

Federated Wireless offers personalized wireless solutions using 5G network components from their open ecosystem. Their shared spectrum and interoperability approach enables customers to choose the most suitable components for specific use cases and avoid lock-in to any one vendor.

“The legacy DAS model for neutral hosts locked customers into silos of vendor equipment and required supporting different specifications for each carrier. We don’t believe in that at Federated,” explains Iyad Tarazi, the CEO for Federated Wireless.

A neutral host wireless network refers to a service model where network infrastructure is owned and maintained by a third-party provider, who leases access to the network to service providers and their customers.

According to Federated Wireless, their Private Wireless as a Service (PWaaS) makes it easy and quick for customers to establish their private 5G network. Moreover, their Neutral Host 2.0 system enables customers to utilize the same private wireless network for public cellular access.

Neutral Host 2.0 provides a more cost-effective and practical way for MNOs to collaborate with private wireless network owners, allowing cell phone users to access data networks and make calls in previously signal-less areas such as buildings, office parks, retail spaces, apartments, campuses, hospitals, resorts and rural locations, Federated Wireless executives say.

“Neutral Host 2.0 is a no-compromise approach that brings together the power of our robust ecosystem of partners into a managed service that makes it easy for our customers to get both carrier-grade private wireless and public cellular network capabilities in one interoperable network,” adds Tarazi.

The company has achieved strong market leadership in the CBRS Shared Spectrum marketplace with a 48% share, 150,000 connected devices, and 500+ customers across multiple industries and US regions, the company says. Its expanding partner ecosystem includes OEMs, tier-one MNOs, tower companies and cable operators.

This February, Aura Network Systems chose Federated Wireless to develop a spectrum management system for its national aviation network. With this partnership, Aura can provide reliable connections for uncrewed and crewed applications using greenfield aviation-dedicated spectrum in the ultra-high frequency band of 450 MHz.

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