Nvidia launches Jetson AGX Orin industrial modules for harsh environments

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Nvidia launches Jetson AGX Orin industrial modules for harsh environments

Nvidia is offering new Jetson AGX Orin industrial modules which the company says can fulfill the need for edge computing devices that can function effectively in harsh and demanding surroundings. 

Nvidia has enhanced the computing capabilities of Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial and the commercial Jetson AGX Orin modules to withstand more extended periods of shocks and vibrations. They have added underfill and corner bonding techniques, which help provide physical protection and improve durability.

Nvidia says the Jetson modules can operate in extreme conditions with high computing efficiency. The company states that the Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial module, when paired with a rugged enclosure, can perform highly efficient computations even in thermally constrained satellites deployed in low earth and geosynchronous orbits. Moreover, Nvidia claims that the Jetson AGX Orin Industrial modules are said to have expanded capabilities that can be used to transform various industries.

The Nvidia Jetson AGX Orin Industrial module has an Nvidia Ampere architecture GPU that is specifically designed for handling AI and deep learning tasks. With this feature, the module is capable of processing multiple AI application pipelines simultaneously and can handle data-intensive use cases, including complex edge AI workloads in computer vision.

Nvidia thinks that data integrity and system reliability are crucial for industrial applications, particularly in mission-critical scenarios that involve processing sensitive information. To address this issue, the Jetson AGX Orin Industrial module is equipped with error correction code memory, which helps detect and fix errors in real-time to ensure data accuracy and integrity.

According to Nvidia, the Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial module provides 248 TOPS of AI performance, which is reportedly 8 times more than the Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial module. The company goes on to say that the new module has better memory bandwidth, an extended temperature range, a longer operating lifetime and improved shock and vibration specifications when compared to the Jetson AGX Orin 64GB.

Nvidia has enlisted several partners such as Advantech, Leetop, Syslogic and Connect Tech to supply carrier boards for its compact system-on-module. The module is set to be released in July.

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