Zededa provides edge infrastructure to real estate software company Switch Automation

Zededa provides edge infrastructure to real estate software company Switch Automation

Zededa, an edge computing and cloud solutions provider, has announced that the real estate software company, Switch Automation, chose it to solve its operating system management and deployment challenges. As part of the collaboration, Zededa provides an end-to-end edge solution so that Switch Automation can maintain service updates and reduce downtime.

Switch Automation needed help to find a solution to scale hundreds of edge devices. That said, Zededa’s comprehensive edge solution combines an operating system, edge applications and the network. The company says that this solution allows Switch Automation to operate with a stable network and achieve best-in-class uptime and robust technical support.

By utilizing Zededa’s edge infrastructure, Switch Automation noticed a decrease in the hours they spent on maintenance and software upgrades. This cut down downtime and improved operational efficiency throughout all the deployed edge appliances.

“Improving operational management and deployment consistency were the top priorities for us,” said Peter Rake, chief product officer at Switch Automation. “We had a few hundred IoT appliances connected when we started working with Zededa, but it was challenging for us to envision scalability for the future. Now with Zededa’s edge management and orchestration solution, we don’t need to worry about limitations.”

Zededa receives strategic investment from Emerson Ventures and integrates Emerson’s DeltaV automation system

Zededa has announced it received a strategic investment from Emerson Ventures, a venture capital arm of Emerson, the global software and automation company. Emerson and Zededa have had a longstanding relationship, but this new venture intends to modernize industrial edge infrastructure. Integrating Zededa’s solution with Emerson’s DeltaV automation system allows its customers to extend DeltaV for distributed edge applications.

By introducing this expansion, the companies are confident that they will provide their customers with enhanced OT solutions while offering software-defined automation. The companies say that this solution changes how their customers can deploy and connect edge workloads within their distributed ecosystem.

Emerson developed the DeltaV automation system to allow enterprise customers to reduce operational complexities and provide them with modern automation infrastructure. The DeltaV distributed control system simplifies operation complexity and reduces project risks. In turn, these services improve plant performance with intelligent controls, the company says.

“This expanded relationship demonstrates how edge computing provides manufacturers with the ability to modernize their existing operations and address emerging use cases driven by cloud-native apps like AI and computer vision,” said Said Ouissal, founder and CEO at Zededa. “Emerson recognizes the role that edge will play in creating a world in which virtual and physical manufacturing systems cooperate with each other in a flexible way at a global level.”

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