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Edgeless Systems launches new confidential AI service to secure the generative AI market

Edgeless Systems launches new confidential AI service to secure the generative AI market

Cybersecurity firm Edgeless Systems has announced the launch of its new security solution that enables cloud-based “confidential AI” services for the first time.

Launched to address businesses’ reluctance in using AI services with sensitive data due to concerns about data leaks, Continuum aims to ensure that user requests and the corresponding replies remain encrypted throughout within an AI service.

Additionally, the company says the solution makes plaintext data inaccessible to both the AI service provider and the underlying cloud infrastructure, protecting the often highly valuable weights of AI models in the same manner.

“Continuum will significantly influence the generative AI market, allowing a wider range of enterprises, particularly those in regulated sectors, to confidently utilize offerings like chatbots,” says Felix Schuster, CEO of Edgeless Systems.

“This product embodies our mission to enable the use of cloud services without compromising on data security or compliance.”

The security solution uses the computing capabilities of Nvidia H100 GPUs, alongside advanced cryptography and sandboxing technology. The Continuum solution is not solely focused on the end user as the combination aims to empower AI service providers to update models and code without sacrificing security, and provide protection for their AI models and intellectual property.

The company also notes that the Continuum solution works with large language models (LLMs) like Mistral 7B and supports AI serving frameworks such as Nvidia Triton Inference Server and vLLM.

Edgeless Systems, last year, raised $5.3 million in seed round funding with SquareOne as the lead investor. This followed the company’s announcement of the general availability of its Constellation platform through the GitHub repository.

Headquartered in Germany, the company provides open-source software for confidential computing, including the EGo toolkit for developing cloud-native apps. Edgeless Systems is also a member of the Confidential Computing Consortium, which includes companies like Microsoft, Google, Red Hat, Intel, and Huawei.

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