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EdgeIR Fireside Chat: One Stop Systems and the trucking industry’s demand for edge AI

Autonomous vehicles are one of the topics of a new Edge Industry Review Fireside Chat interview. In this conversation with One Stop Systems (OSS), a provider of high-performance edge computing systems, we cover some of the latest developments in rugged edge hardware and how it’s being used by the transportation industry in the U.S.

OSS calls this part of the edge computing market “AI Transportables.” The opportunity is a big one, but in the near-term growth is not about putting more smarts in passenger cars like Tesla. Instead, it’s the trucking industry and its need for drivers that is fueling demand for compute and storage systems that can handle edge AI workloads like computer vision and data input from radar, cameras, and other sensors to safely get cargo from one side of the country to the other.

Edge Industry Review spoke with David Raun, CEO and president of OSS, about this fast-moving segment of the edge computing market. You can watch the full interview on our YouTube channel here.

An edited version of the interview is available to read on our site.

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