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Eating the internet: the rise of edge computing and a new business network

By Khalid Raza, CEO and founder of Graphiant Five years ago, an infamous Gartner blog said, “The Edge will Eat…


How to build a company in an untapped market

By Said Ouissal, CEO and founder, Zededa It’s difficult enough to start a company in an existing market, but it’s…


From sustainability to edge connectivity: top trends in the data industry

By Angie Keeler, CEO and co-founder of Zella DC The data industry has undergone a massive transformation over the past…


A centralized energy management system is vital for managing edge data centers

By Andrew Ruef, director of sales and marketing, Janitza Ensuring uptime while reducing energy costs and environmental impacts is a…


IT Architecture Is being re-shaped by hybrid IT

By Shane Menking, COO, Element Critical Hybrid IT architecture is gathering momentum in all its forms, and the traditional view…


How advances in edge computing are making facial recognition easier to deploy

By Ján Záborský, communications manager at Innovatrics Recent advances in producing relatively inexpensive chips designed for AI and edge computing…


Opportunity on the Edge: Perspective from 5G Open Innovation Lab

By Jim Brisimitzis, Founder of the 5G Open Innovation Lab According to market research firm Gartner, by 2025 more than…


The need for edge location management and operations standards

By Hugh Taylor, CEO of Edge Site Partners Edge computing seems poised for significant growth, given the right market conditions….


How our edge computing startup raised two rounds in 16 months

By Said Ouissal, CEO and founder of Zededa One of my favorite parables involves two guys camping in a forest…


How does 5G make the dream of edge computing come true?

By Madhu Kesavan, founder and CEO of W2S Solutions 5G and edge computing are interlinked — they share the common…

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