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Edge Impulse, BrainChip partner to accelerate edge AI development

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Edge Impulse, BrainChip partner to accelerate edge AI development

Edge Impulse, a development platform for machine learning, has once again collaborated with BrainChip, a provider of neuromorphic processors for edge AI on-chip processing. As part of the collaboration, Edge Impulse will support BrainChip’s neural processor AI IP. This partnership will allow users to leverage Edge Impulse’s machine learning platform with BrainChip’s high-performance Akida processor chip to deploy edge applications.

Edge Impulse will support BrainChip’s Akida AKD1000 system-on-chip, which comes with a plug-in PCIe reference board for user development systems. The system-on-chip has various use cases, including automotive, consumer, home and industrial applications.

Edge Impulse says this partnership allows users to collect raw data, build models and deploy trained embedded machine learning models from their edge computing platform to develop advanced edge AI applications. BrainChip’s Akida processor IP is based on neuromorphic principles, which enable real-time machine learning inference on-device.

“This integration will provide users with a powerful and easy-to-use solution for building and deploying machine learning models on the edge,” said Zach Shelby, co-founder and CEO of Edge Impulse. “We look forward to seeing what our users will create with BrainChip’s AI offering.”

This collaboration follows a successful previous partnership in which the two companies provided cross-platform support, including the ability to deploy Edge Impulse projects on the BrainChip MetaTF platform.

“Having our Akida IP supported and implemented into the Edge Impulse platform helps ensure that developers are able to deploy ML solutions quickly and easily to create a much more capable, innovative, and truly intelligent edge,” said Sean Hehir, BrainChip’s CEO.

Edge Impulse announces support for Seeed Studio’s Grove vision AI module

Edge Impulse also announced official support for Seeed Studio’s grove vision AI module. This support gives users multiple options for developing and deploying edge machine learning applications using the Edge Impulse Studio and Edge Impulse software development kit.

Seeed Studio introduced Grove modules to third-party interface accessories like sensors, LEDs, wireless modules, displays and actuators without soldering or jumper wires. The grove ecosystem offers a unified port that connects the most critical external modules, the company says. As the grove ecosystem evolved, Seeed Studio developed many external modules to support the grove interfacing port.

“We’re excited to announce official support for Seeed Studio’s Grove – Vision AI Module, enabling users to develop and deploy vision-based ML applications on the thumb-sized board with Edge Impulse,” said Edge Impulse in a LinkedIn post.

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