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Whitepaper: ACCIONA takes on water desalination with real-time ML at the edge

Whitepaper: ACCIONA takes on water desalination with real-time ML at the edge

ACCIONA, a global infrastructure operator, has evolved its water desalination plants through the implementation of real-time optimized Machine Learning (ML) algorithms at each facility. This innovative approach has not only minimized the use of reactive chemicals but also eliminated associated regulatory penalties. By leveraging edge infrastructure, ACCIONA has been able to deploy new predictive applications for water quality control efficiently.

Traditionally, water network management relied heavily on human operators and SCADA systems. However, in a whitepaper published by Barbara, it’s revealed that to enhance efficiency, ACCIONA sought to implement advanced ML algorithms at the edge. The sheer volume of data in water management necessitated the use of edge infrastructures like Barbara’s, facilitating real-time processing without compromising operational technology networks’ integrity.

ML algorithms play a pivotal role in reagent dosing control, crucial for targeting variable chemical compounds in water. These algorithms enable automatic fine-tuning of chemical dosage based on each facility’s environmental variables, optimizing efficiency and reducing costs.

Download this whitepaper by Barbara to learn more

ACCIONA’s objectives included virtual chemical predictions, cost reduction, global scalability, efficient data capture, AI model deployment, and remote monitoring. Barbara’s edge AI platform provided the solution, facilitating connectivity, data processing, secure deployment of AI models, and remote management of applications and edge nodes.

Deploying ML at the edge posed challenges such as fine-tuning distributed models and ensuring robust connectivity. Barbara’s technological solution addressed these challenges, enabling seamless integration, safeguarding data privacy, and ensuring device security.

The expected impact of edge AI is significant, according to Barbara, with ACCIONA anticipating over $23 million in savings across its 89 desalination plants in the first year alone. Additionally, there has been an 800% increase in the speed of introducing new applications, showcasing the platform’s effectiveness.

Barbara, as a cyber-secure edge AI platform, positions itself as an essential tool for organizations looking to leverage IoT and edge technologies efficiently. It orchestrates edge infrastructure, provides security, scalability, and flexibility, and accelerates AI model and edge app deployments across distributed edge nodes.

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