Edge Computing Fireside Chats discusses edge and data center growth with 1623 Farnam

Edge Industry Review’s “Fireside Chats: Analyst Edition” series of video interviews continues with a series of interviews with data center providers. This Fireside chat is with 1623 Farnam in Omaha, Nebraska.

To get some perspective on the data center market and edge computing, we talked to Greg Elliott, Vice President of Business Development at 1623 Farnam.

A new report from market research firm IDC estimates that the market for Enterprise and service provider spending on hardware, software, and services for edge solutions will reach roughly $274 billion by 2025.

At the end of the day, a significant portion of edge services and applications will reside in a third-party data center. Investors have been actively putting money in edge data center startups, and there’s been a fair amount of acquisitions relating to the market.

In the interview, Elliot answer questions about:

  • 1623 Farnan and the services the company offers.
  • Why the company is positioned as an edge data center and how that has helped the business.
  • What edge means to enterprise customers.
  • What the challenges for driving adoption are in the enterprise market.

The conversation also covers Elliot’s take on the outlook for 2022 and his view on market verticals and key trends that are going to drive business growth.

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