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Eaton launches SmartRack modular data centers for distributed artificial intelligence in enterprises

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Eaton launches SmartRack modular data centers for distributed artificial intelligence in enterprises

Eaton, an Irish technology solutions provider, has created the SmartRack modular data center solution to meet the increasing demand for edge computing and distributed artificial intelligence among enterprises. These applications necessitate small data centers that can be deployed quickly and affordably with optimized capacity and scalable configurations.

Eaton’s SmartRack modular data center solution is a scalable system designed to establish small data centers in edge locations. With a wide range of configurations available, it can be tailored to suit a variety of applications and expanded as needed, ensuring it grows with the business.

“While deploying new data centers has traditionally been a costly and time-intensive effort, we’ve simplified the process with an innovative solution operators can have up and running in days, not weeks or months,” says Jose L. Medina, product manager at Eaton.

Eaton uses a 3-phase 208V in-row precision cooling system, available in 12kW and 25kW options, complemented by an outdoor condenser. The design emphasizes the importance of precise temperature control directly at the source of heat generation, ensuring optimal environmental conditions for the equipment.

SmartRack offers 13 standard configurations of modular data centers that already include in-row cooling units. This solution is compatible with the company’s power management products, such as precision cooling systems, PDUs, UPSs, cables, and cable management accessories.

The SmartRack modular data centers feature a color touchscreen that simplifies system diagnostics and commissioning. Additionally, the built-in network interface card allows for remote monitoring, giving operators the ability to oversee the cooling system.

The SmartRack enclosures are designed to meet IP54 standards, ensuring protection against water and dust for valuable equipment. Enhanced security features include solid front and back doors, locking doors and panels, and separate entry points for cables and lines.

Medina adds, “The race is on as the rapid growth of AI and edge computing increases the demand for small data centers with shorter development cycles, lower costs, and optimized capacity.”

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