Data growth will precipitate growth for edge data centers in Caribbean, IDC says

Data growth will precipitate growth for edge data centers in Caribbean, IDC says

Research from IDC suggests that growth in the volume of data in the Caribbean region will follow the trend for Latin America, which is forecasted to have a compound annual growth rate of 24.7% through 2025.

The IDC study suggests that the Caribbean region will witness 9% growth in business IT investments in 2022, up from a total of $709 million in 2021, according to reports. The predicted growth rate will serve increasing need for digital services, sparking investment in IT for an average annual growth of 12.5% between 2021 and 2025.

To accommodate this growth in the space and infrastructure constrained island environments of the Caribbean, the IDC study, which was sponsored by Schneider Electric, points towards prefabricated and modular data centers as the solution for complex IT infrastructure needs in the region. Pre-fab and modular data centers bring advantages such as time reduction in planning, construction and implementation, while maintaining the sustainability goals through efficient use of power, cooling technology and space.

Geography itself makes most Carribean data center deployments an edge computing deployment. IDC said the Caribbean trend was similar to the overall Latin American market forecast, where the edge computing technology is still in the early deployment stage, and an estimated 70 per cent of the edge computing investment is allocated to hardware and connectivity due to connectivity, energy, and geographical constrains.

The study reportedly says that the architecture for digital transformation must change from silos to flexible resources to provide the autonomy of operations and a workload-centric approach.

Schneider Electric, for its part, is interested in understanding the region because it offers prefabricated data center solutions. The company’s offerings integrate a number of newer technologies that will provide the flexibility to allow real-time data processing.

IDC Research recently reported the continued increase in investment for edge solutions over the next couple of years. According to the EdgeView 2022 survey, three-quarters of enterprises plan to increase their investments with an average increase of 37% to accelerate the innovation and operational efficiency to operations.

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