Cradlepoint unveils SASE solution optimized for 5G networks

Cradlepoint unveils SASE solution optimized for 5G networks

Cradlepoint, a provider of wireless edge solutions, has designed a strategy to implement 5G-optimized Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) tailored for enterprise customers.

The company created a security solution that leverages the capabilities of a 5G network. The technology provides improved speed, capacity and latency while incorporating a Zero Trust security framework. The company states users can effectively manage this cloud-based security system using Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Manager Platform.

According to Cradlepoint, traditional SASE solutions lack optimization for 5G networks, as they are primarily designed for fixed sites and unsuitable for dynamically evolving network architectures. This mismatch exposes the entire organizational infrastructure to increased security risks.

In response, Cradlepoint says its 5G SASE solution enables companies to manage security and access policies for wireless connectivity in hybrid Wide Area Networks (WANs) while maintaining observability.

“As enterprises evolve and become more diverse in terms of their connectivity to branch, mobile and IoT, they need a more 5G-centric approach to security and management. An updated approach to SASE is essential for today’s modern organization to defend against elevated attack surfaces,” says Todd Krautkremer, the chief marketing officer at Cradlepoint.

Cradlepoint’s 5G SASE has several capabilities, which include cellular intelligence, SIM-based security, a zero-trust security model and a cloud-based security approach.

The solution optimizes traffic in SD-WAN deployments by utilizing cellular telemetries, such as signal strength and data plan usage. It also effectively operates within 5G standalone networks by incorporating network slicing capabilities, the company says.

Cradlepoint’s 5G SASE includes SIM management and GPS tracking features. These features aim to enhance physical device security and detect unauthorized movement. Cradlepoint also plans to work closely with carriers to develop more robust SIM-based security measures.

Cradlepoint recently introduced the S700, an IoT router with built-in zero-trust security features. The solution is intended for small deployments and aims to protect IoT devices by blocking scans from the public upon connection. A secure environment is maintained by limiting communication to authorized resources and isolating them from cyber threats.

Moreover, Cradlepoint says the S700 can integrate with its cloud-based management platform, the NetCloud Exchange Secure Connect.

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