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Couchbase and Soracom partner to boost adoption of IoT use cases across edge devices

Couchbase and Soracom partner to boost adoption of IoT use cases across edge devices

Couchbase has announced its partnership with Soracom, a provider of cellular network solutions that enable IoT device connectivity using ubiquitous 5G, 4G LTE and LPWAN cellular networks, to help customers adopt more IoT use cases across geographies.

The company says its aim is to make it easier for customers to capture IoT data from various edge devices in remote locations where traditional network connectivity is not always available.

The partnership will aim to streamline the setup and provisioning of subscriber identity module (SIM)-based edge devices connecting to Couchbase’s cloud database platform. Currently, Soracom allows customers to use cellular networks for IoT applications where network availability is an important factor, and where traditional wireless communications, such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, are insufficient.

In a blog post written by Yves Laurent, director, cloud native technology ecosystems at Couchbase, Laurent notes that the company’s Capella’s flexible JSON document model is well-suited for the diverse and dynamic data structures inherent in IoT scenarios.

“This flexibility simplifies the storage and retrieval of semi-structured or unstructured data generated by IoT devices. Couchbase supports time series data by ingesting and fitting it into JSON array structures,” he adds.

“This gives Couchbase the ability to offer time series data access without increasing the complexity of database operations or behavior. Scalability and high availability are recognized foundational strengths of Couchbase Capella. Its horizontal scalability and robust high availability features make it adaptable to the increasing number of devices and growing data volume common in IoT deployments.”

Couchbase Capella is known for its support of mobile and edge computing environments, boasting offline data access through Couchbase’s offline-first approach, making it suitable for IoT deployments. With Couchbase Lite at its core, it furnishes edge devices with an embedded JSON document database, forming a cloud-to-edge data synchronization solution. According to the company, this functionality ensures uninterrupted device operation even amidst network disconnections, a crucial feature for IoT applications facing frequent connectivity disruptions.

The collaboration between Soracom and Couchbase provides customers with a powerful framework to expedite the integration of IoT use cases across dispersed edge devices. By marrying Couchbase Capella’s offline-first design with Soracom’s cellular connectivity via SIM cards, the company aims to achieve a holistic approach to IoT solutions, ensuring every edge device remains fully integrated and operational, regardless of its location or connectivity status.

Additionally, Soracom offers SIM cards covering multiple speed classes that can be used in IoT devices around the world. The company works with mobile network operators all over the world to provide global coverage, all with a single SIM card or Embedded SIM (eSIM).

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